$SAI - Powering the Statisticz AI Ecosystem

SAI is the native coin of Statisticz AI, integral to our advanced Layer 1 blockchain. It facilitates seamless transactions, incentivizes network participation, and unlocks premium features within our ecosystem.

What is SAI?

SAI is the native currency of the Statisticz AI Layer 1 Blockchain, enabling a robust and dynamic digital environment. It is essential for transaction processing, securing the network, and unlocking advanced functionalities.

Key Benefits of SAI

Fast and Cost-Effective Transactions

SAI facilitates quick and efficient transactions, leveraging our DAG consensus mechanism to ensure low fees and high throughput.


Transactions are secured using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), ensuring that every transaction is authorized and verified, maintaining the integrity of the network.

Access to Premium

Holders of SAI can access advanced AI-driven features such as smart contracts, personalized financial insights, and real-time price aggregators.

Incentives for

SAI rewards node operators and participants, ensuring network stability and encouraging active engagement within the ecosystem.

Token Distribution

Public Sale

A significant portion allocated for public sale to ensure widespread distribution and adoption.

Node Operations & Ecosystem (35%)

Supports node operations, ecosystem development, and incentivizes participation.


Dedicated to ongoing development, marketing, and operational expenses.

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How to Get Started

Acquire SAI

Purchase SAI through our public sale or supported exchanges.

Access Premium Features

Discover advanced functionalities within the Statisticz AI ecosystem.

Secure Your Transactions

Benefit from fast, cost-effective, and secure transactions using SAI.